Hyfin has re-imagined learning. Our platform has been designed specifically for hyper-personalisation to deliver relevant, contextual learning, as and when users need it most, via multiple channels.
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Our modular training delivery platform caters for a wide range of subjects and industries, and is:

Relevant/and engaging

Bite-sized, multi-media and game-based to suit all experience levels.

Focussed/and dynamic

Real-time, specific, personalised and on demand.


Detailed analytics into knowledge retention, behaviours and progress against benchmarks.

Relevant and/engaging

Hyfin is modular and uses multi-media elements to make learning more enjoyable. We want our users to get to the practical application of games more quickly, so they can test their confidence and competence.
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    Focused, bite-sized learning segments
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    Polymorphic content delivery
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    Multi-media delivery via videos, user stories and games
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    Region, language and brand personalisation
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    Certification of understanding
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    Increased engagement and knowledge retention
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    Beginner to expert experience variations
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    Scenario based challenges

Dynamic learning

Hyfin supports both a traditional (linear) and dynamic learning approach. We understand that an individual’s approach to learning varies, so users can progress along the traditional path to complete a single course, or switch between courses based on suggestive learning.
1. No Fixed Start / End Point
Users can drop in and out of courses or switch courses / modules at any point, depending on their interest.
2. Suggestive Learning
Users are prompted to continue learning with courses / modules that are deemed relevant or highly correlated to their objectives.
3. Quantitative Approach
Statistical analysis of historical user Learning Journeys are continually updated to help drive suggestive learning pathways and maintain dynamism.


Hyfin delivers the appropriate and engaging training in real time, when and where users need it most. We constantly monitor user preference, learning journey routes and course content completion to maintain the highest standards.
Benchmark comparison of Learning Journey pathways to determine individual performance against groupings.
Cognitive analysis of user and course performance to identify competence versus confidence scoring.
Behavioural analytics to identify optimum timing, channel and method of training delivery.
A.I. machine learning to continuously check, enhance and maintain optimum content material.

Meet/the hyfins

At Hyfin, we want learners to go on a journey. Having a guide to help a learner on that journey is important, and that’s why we created “the Hyfins”. Meet them here and in the course materials.

Get/in touch

At Hyfin we value your point of view, your feedback and your questions. Get in touch and tell us what we can do to help.
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